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Robohub and AIhub’s free workshop trial on sci-comm of robotics and AI

April 21, 2021
A robot in a field
Image credit: wata1219 on flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Would you like to learn how to tell your robotics/AI story to the public? Robohub and AIhub are testing a new workshop to train you as the next generation of communicators. You will learn to quickly create your story and shape it to any format, from short tweets to blog posts and beyond. In addition, you will learn how to communicate about robotics/AI in a realistic way (avoiding the hype), and will receive tips from top communicators, science journalists and ealy career researchers. If you feel like being part of our beta testers, join this free workshop to experience how much impact science communication can have on your professional journey!

The workshop is taking place on Friday the 30th of April, 10am-12.30pm (UK time) via Zoom. Please, sign up by sending an email to

Daniel Carrillo-Zapata
Managing Editor
Daniel Carrillo-Zapata was awared his PhD in swarm robotics at the Bristol Robotics Lab in 2020. He now fosters the culture of "scientific agitation" to engage in two-way conversations between researchers and society.

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