3D printing

3D printing going mainstream

... Recent examples of 3D printing include intricate meshed titanium gloves and plastic bikinis. ... Apple had to use prototyping 3D printers from Japan because it couldn’t manufacture a critica...
10 June 2011, by

Rail & gantry bot

This is actually a 3D printer, but [elevate the rails and] replace the print head with a couple of general purpose robotic arms and you've got the makings of a gardening robot.   Reposted f...
13 March 2010, by

The empowerment of small-scale industrial designers

This Wired video discusses how easy it has become to get ahold of custom parts. Not mentioned, but quite obviously working away, is a 3D printer, building up a bust using deposited material.   ...
01 March 2010, by

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