Filling a need… or feeding a diversion

  Today's robotics industry could use some strategic guidance, particularly in the area of healthcare.   It is clear to me that the next big markets for robotics are: SMEs (robot...
02 January 2013, by

Robotics trending towards the consumer

Robotics is trending towards the consumer. We’re on a journey towards ‘appliances with attitude’ that started with the now ubiquitous GPS and smartphone technology. These are some of the underly...
09 November 2012, by

Robot startup series #1: Autom and Cory Kidd

Consumer robotics had a watershed moment just a few days ago, when Autom, the robot weightloss coach, was launched at Dublin Web Summit. I’m very excited to open our Robot Startup Series with an int...
26 October 2012, by



Weight-loss coach, with Cory Kidd

Link to audio file (31:57)Take the 5-minute survey to help us improve ROBOTS! With the holiday season ahead of us and Christmas dinners already started, many of us are starting to feel the pinch at ...
18 December 2009, by

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