Automate 2013

Co-robots really ARE a BIG thing

UPDATED: October 6, 2013 Small and medium shops and factories (SMEs) are an untapped marketplace for robotics but direly in need of automation to remain competitive in this global economy. Two ne...
05 October 2013, by

John Markoff distills views regarding robots causing unemployment

John Markoff, senior writer for The New York Times, questioned a number of attendees at Automate 2013, regarding the recent 60 Minutes segment and the general concern over an increase in the use of ro...
27 January 2013, by

Day 1 at Automate 2013

... In keynote, Dr. Henrik Christensen, Director of Robotics, GA Tech, described the technologies, advancements and myriad evidences of dramatic movement in robotics....
22 January 2013, by

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