The robot industry is hiring. Do you have the skills?

A new white paper by the Robotics Industries Association (RIA) says that as many as 2 million US manufacturing jobs will go unfilled in the next ten years due to a lack of skilled workers. According t...
10 April 2017, by

The human brain vs. the digital brain: A case for visual inspections

by Audrey Boucher-Genesse I was once at a conference on image processing and the speaker discussed the perception of color. He spoke about a conversation with a potential client who said, “well,...
16 June 2016, by

Stäuble pick and place robot at Automate “A Stäuble pick and place robot moves at blinding speeds, even when filmed at 240 fps and a Apps engineer, Mark from Adept is one of the few who, with practice, can b...
24 January 2013, by

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