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The Drone Center’s Weekly Roundup 5/15/17

Sailors assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 5 (EODMU5) Platoon 142 recover an unmanned underwater vehicle onto a Coastal Riverine Group 1 Detachment Guam MK VI patrol boat in the Pacif...

The Drone Center’s Weekly Roundup 5/8/17

May 1, 2017 – May 7, 2017 If you would like to receive the Weekly Roundup in your inbox, please subscribe at the bottom of the page. News The European Aviation Safety Association has propo...

The Drone Center’s Weekly Roundup: 4/24/17

April 17, 2017 – April 23, 2017 News A U.S. drone strike in Yemen reportedly killed four suspected members of al-Qaeda. According to Yemeni officials, the strike targeted al-Qaeda fighters in...

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