7 consumer robots to look out for from CES 2014

This year’s CES in Las Vegas showcased some of the latest technologies from both established and up-and-coming robotics companies.  Drones, telepresence robots, automated cleaning devices and enter...
11 January 2014, by

Eureka! There are academic startups at CES 2014

Eureka Park at International CES 2014 is the zone for innovation, for startups and for spinoffs from university and grant funded research. Eureka Park is sponsored by Indiegogo and by the National Sci...
09 January 2014, by

CES 2014 – Robotics on the Runway

Robotics has a starring role at International CES 2014, the world's largest gadget expo, starting with a VIP Robotics on the Runway event organized by the producers of the Digital Health Summit, Livin...
08 January 2014, by

Self drifting BMW shows off in new video from CES – Autoweek

BMW has revealed a new autonomous driving assistant system that is capable of operating a car in a range of different driving situations -- even...See on
07 January 2014, by

CES 2014: Please don’t run me down!

New car technologies on show at the Consumer Electronics Show promise to deliver self-driving vehicles offering a range of app-powered new features.The Robot Launch Pad's insight:The software standard...
07 January 2014, by

Sphero 2B: The newest addition to the Sphero family of connected toys | Sphero Robot Ball

Reserve your 2B today to be one of the first to own this awesome new Sphero robot.Ioannis K. Erripis's insight:(this is a link to the manufacturer's website)See on
06 January 2014, by

new flying drone and two-wheeler built from Parrot | The Verge

There’s always been little doubt that drones make great toys — the problem is that they’re far from cheap. Now the makers of the AR.Drone are revealing two new toys built from their....
06 January 2014, by

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