Self-driving cars, networks, and the companies and people that are stimulating development

Intel is establishing an autonomous driving division; hacker George Hotz is open-sourcing his self-driving software in a bid to become a network company; LiDAR and distancing devices are changing. Wh...
06 December 2016, by

The delicate balance between brilliance, safety and arrogance

Silicon Valley and other technology centers have their share of brilliant minds. Some of them have similarly outstanding egos. A few of those have very short fuses. Such is the story of George Hotz....
01 November 2016, by cancels comma-one add-on box after threats from NHTSA, the brash startup attempting to make a self-driving system entirely from a neural network has announced it will cancel the “comma one” add-on box it has planned to sell to owners of cert...
31 October 2016, by

GM’s purchase of Cruise fuels interest in self-driving car kits

Most car companies are remaking themselves into tech startups as they move toward offering fully autonomous self-driving vehicles. Yet thousands of tractors already use self-driving kits as ...
19 April 2016, by’s neural network car and new technology in robocars

Perhaps the world’s most exciting new technology today are deep neural networks, in particular convolutional neural networks, such as “Deep Learning.” These networks are conquering some of the...
15 April 2016, by

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