Four football fields…every single blade of grass

Think I'm crazy in suggesting that a machine could track every single plant over an area of several acres? This Digg item [2012Oct13: no longer available] says this experimental camera can image “e...
10 September 2006, by

Robotics in transportation

While my primary interest in robotics is as it relates to horticulture and agriculture, I've also long been interested in the potential utility of robotics in urban transportation, especially when com...
09 September 2006, by

What’s happening in robotics?

There are too many robotics related websites to catalog them all. Here are few of them...   IEEE Robotics and Automation Society's Technical Committee on Service Robots website contains a ...
23 August 2006, by

On the meaning of “cultivation”

As it commonly applies to raising plants, "cultivation" usually refers to a process involving the manipulation of soil, to incorporate plant residues into the soil after the previous harvest, to prep...
22 August 2006, by

Robotic master gardeners

This blog is about a vision of a future in which the tending of productive land has been turned over to autonomously operating machines that approach this task much like a master gardener would, one p...
17 August 2006, by

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