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Cybathlon 2016

by   -   September 13, 2016

In our Roundtable, we discussed how advancements in prosthetics could help sports evolve, the importance of exoskeletons being used today, and difficulties that remain when trying to test new advancements. This Roundtable features Sabine Hauert, Kassie Perlongo, Ioannis Erripis, Frank Tobe, Maciej Pietrusinski, and Samantha Payne, all providing a range of perspectives across the board from academia, research, business, and the general public.

by   -   September 6, 2016

People with disabilities are often disappointed with their devices’ performance, and choose not to use them. To encourage innovation, a new competition tests assistive technologies.

Marsupial Robots
September 14, 2021

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