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Stanford’s self-driving car tears it up on racetrack – tops 120 MPH | Singularity Hub

The current run through Thunderhill is another example of how Stanford and Volkswagen engineers are set on pushing robotic car performance to its limits, quite different from Google’s singular goal ...
19 August 2012, by

Google gets patent for driverless car

... Google was granted a US Patent “for transitioning a mixed-mode autonomous vehicle from a human driven mode to an autonomously driven mode.” ... Now comes the endless red tape over safety, neg...
18 December 2011, by

Making a car for blind drivers, by Dennis Hong In this recently released TED talk, Dennis Hong from VirginiaTech presents all the recent developments of his RoMeLa Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory...
06 June 2011, by



Robots Podcast: Autonomous vehicles, with Alberto Broggi and Raul Rojas

Link to audio file (51:04) In today’s episode we take a deeper look at what’s behind the hype over autonomous vehicles, and talk to two experts in the field, Alberto Broggi, leader of the Vislab ...
05 November 2010, by

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