Double Robotics

CES Robotics 2013

The annual CES - Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, is always a great opportunity for trendspotting and innovation hunting in consumer electronics including consumer robotics. CES 2013 ...
04 January 2013, by

Grishin’s first investment: Double Robotics

It was announced today that Grishin Robotics  was investing $250,000 into Y Combinator startup Double Robotics. Double Robotics have already sold out their first order of affordable telepresence rob...
21 September 2012, by

Double Robotics: Crossing the chasm?

Double Robotics, the Ycombinator company behind 'wheels for the ipad' is a fantastic showcase of the new breed of affordable consumer robotics. But can they cross the chasm? These guys know how to cre...
12 September 2012, by

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