Japanese Robots: Unboxing SCHAFT’s DRC Competition (VIDEO)

Ohhh boy, an unboxing video that’s not just filler, but 500% justifiable. The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) trials are still 3.5 months away, but Japan’s SCHAFT, and every other Track A t...
28 August 2013, by

DARPA’s Virtual Robotics Challenge a practical step forward on the long road toward disaster-response capable humanoids

  Based on a media rountable discussion with DRC Program Manager Gill Pratt and CEO of the Open Source Robotics Foundation Brian Gerkey. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster was a wake-up call...
24 July 2013, by

DARPA Virtual Robotics Challenge results

The first competition of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) was a software simulation of humanoid rescue work. The 6 best teams were to be allocated ATLAS robots for the next stage of the challenge, b...
27 June 2013, by

DARPA Robotics Challenge: the competition begins | IEEE Spectrum

Today, October 24, is opening day for the DARPA Robotics Challenge, or DRC. The press release sums it up nicely: "over the next two years, teams will compete to develop and put to the test hardware an...
25 October 2012, by

Largest robotics program in DARPA’s history

... DARPA has created it’s largest robotics program to date: the DARPA Robotics $2 Million Challenge (DRC), to help the world’s resiliency to disasters through the use of robotics. ... Som...
09 May 2012, by

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