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by   -   December 19, 2016


At the pinnacle event, panellists from Robotics for Elderly Care engaged with audience members in a lively discussion about topics ranging from how quickly technology is developing to how perceptions shape how users may interact with new technology. Knowledge exchange, especially with the end user, is crucial to develop better ideas and tech advancements in elderly care. There was also debate on how robotics could help care givers free up time (by doing dull or repetitive tasks) so they could focus on human relationships.

by   -   November 29, 2016
Roboethics panel in Amsterdam.

What ethical issues do we face in providing robot care for the elderly? Is there better acceptance with the public? What should we be mindful of when designing human-robot interactions?

At the #ERW2016 central event, held in Amsterdam 18-22 November, these questions (and more) were discussed, debated, and encouraged by expert panellists hailing from research, industry, academia, and government as well as insightful members in the community. All were welcome to ‘Robots at Your Service’, a multi-track event featuring panel deliberations in robotics regulation, assistive living technologies, and aimed at attracting more youth, and especially girls, into science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM). The event hosted workshops and featured a 48-hour hackathon for designers, makers, coders, engineers, and anyone else who believed healthy ageing should be a societal challenge.

Intel RealSense Enabling Computer Vision and Machine Learning At The Edge
June 10, 2021

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