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Ball rolling robots

San Francisco based Bossa Nova Robotics develops personal robots for the home based on the ballbot technology under license from CMU. Founded by robotics entrepreneur Sarjoun Skaff as a spin-off out o...
25 October 2012, by

[IROS 2012] With your help, the Iuro robot finds its way through cities | IEEE Spectrum

This giant bobblehead robot asks people for directions to get where it needs to go... See on
15 October 2012, by

Video: Watch flying robots cooperate, throw and catch balls   My colleagues at the ETH Zurich's Flying Machine Arena have just released a new video. Here is what Robin Ritz, Lead Researcher on the project, has ...
27 September 2012, by

Microlecture: How to engineer a dog   The Legged Robotics Team at ETH Zurich's Autonomous Systems Lab is doing research to build fast, versatile, and efficient quadrupedal robots. Th...
26 September 2012, by

ETH summer school on soft robotics

ETH Zurich's summer school on Soft Robotics is over. But as of today, you can have a look at the lecture videos and lecture material online!  ...
17 August 2012, by

Bringing them to market, with Steven Cousins and Roland Siegwart

Link to audio file (26:07)Following up on Episode 99, this episode features Steven Cousins and Roland Siegwart, whom we had the pleasure to meet at the SCHUNK Expert Days, organized by SCHUNK GmbH thi...
20 April 2012, by




Dynamic systems, with Raffaello D’Andrea

Link to audio file (31:06)Link to transcriptTo celebrate our 100th episode, we welcome Raffaello D’Andrea, Professor at ETHZ and co-founder of Kiva Systems....
23 March 2012, by



Demonstrations at IROS, with Péter Fankhauser and Mike Rubenstein

Link to audio file (28:47)In today’s show, we hear about two demonstrations that caught our attention at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). Péter Fa...
21 October 2011, by



Distributed flight array, with Raymond Oung

Link to audio file (20:43) In this episode, we discover an aerial modular robot called the Distributed Flight Array. To talk about this, we have Raymond Oung from the Swiss Federal Institute of Tec...
13 August 2010, by

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