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Alan Winfield on “What is the single biggest obstacle preventing robotics from going mainstream?”

Well it depends on what you mean by mainstream. For a number of  major industry sectors robotics is already mainstream. In assembly-line automation, for instance; or undersea oil well maintenance and...
15 May 2013, by

What is the single biggest obstacle preventing robotics from going mainstream?

It has been said that we are on the edge of a 'robotic tipping point' … but where, exactly, is this edge? And what's holding us back?  This month we asked our panelists to weigh in on what's keepin...
15 May 2013, by

Could we experience the workings of our own brains?

One of the oft quoted paradoxes of consciousness is that we are unable to observe or experience our own conscious minds at work; that we cannot be conscious of the workings of consciousness. I've alwa...
08 May 2013, by

A crisis of expectations

At the first UK Robot Ethics workshop on 25th March 2013, I offered — for discussion — the proposition that robotics is facing a Crisis of Expectations. And not for the first time. I argue that on...
29 April 2013, by

euRathlon is go!

I'm very excited to be leading a new project called euRathlon - which is short for European Robotics Athlon. Up until now the project has been under wraps, but now - finally - we can go public. I'll e...
07 February 2013, by

Robot know thyself

How can we measure self-awareness in artificial systems?...
27 June 2012, by

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