On the ethics of research in robotics, with Raja Chatila

In this video lecture, IEEE Fellow Raja Chatila shares his views on [tweetquote]why roboticists are duty-bound to educate the wider public on the state of advanced robotics[/tweetquote], and also t...

Robots in Europe: Live tweets and pics from #Innorobo

Innorobo is one of the the premiere EU event dedicated to robotics and disruptive technologies. Running July 1-3 in Lyon, France, the event features talks from the likes of Carlo Ratti, Rodney Brook...
02 July 2015, by

Governmental funding of strategic robotic projects

Many governments have determined that robotics will play a significant role in contributing to their economy and have set up projects to fund bottlenecks to speed up the process....
11 August 2014, by

ECA Group acquires UAV copter maker Infotron for $10 million

Groupe Gorgé, via their subsidiary ECA S.A., has acquired French UAV copter provider Infotron for €2.5 million and 375,000 shares of ECA - a combined value of around $10 million. The acquisition s...
22 April 2014, by

Au revoir, French entrepreneurs – except for a bastion of robotics innovators in Lyon

In a serious critique of French business practices, the International New York Times wrote about a brain drain from France - a migration of aspiring entrepreneurs feeling that they have to leave Fran...
25 March 2014, by

Major funding boost announced for French robotics sector | Wired UK

At the European Robotics Forum in Lyon, France's minister for industrial renewal Arnaud Montebourg announced new fund for the French robotics sector that will help make up for "lost competitiveness...
20 March 2013, by

The nEUROn maiden flight

On December 1st, the nEUROn, Europe’s unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) stealth technology demonstrator, successfully completed its maiden flight from the Dassault Aviation company’s flight test ...
05 December 2012, by

Robot allowed to prune French vines | Singularity Hub

Now that Wall-Ye V.I.N. has been built we can rest assured that there are no jobs too sacred to be handed over to the automated expertise of robots.See on
27 November 2012, by

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