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human_computer_digital_gamingArtificial intelligence has it’s advantages. Systematically, over decades of research and development, AI has come to dominate human intelligence in a number of specific and often limited tasks. Yet, AI – at least thus far – has still lagged human intelligence in certain types of rich pattern recognition. For example, AI programs are still comparatively inept with regards to picking up and handling different kinds of objects, and until recently, AI seemed to struggle vehemently in discerning a “cat” from a “dog” on a screen (see: Kaggle).

by   -   September 9, 2013

What can you do with 12 RC robots all slaved to the same joystick remote control?  Common sense might say you need 11 more remotes, but our video demonstrates you can steer all the robots to any desired final position by using an algorithm we designed. The algorithm exploits rotational noise: each time the joystick tells the robots to turn, every robot turns a slightly different amount due to random wheel slip. We use these differences to slowly push the robots to goal positions. The current algorithm is slow, so we’re designing new algorithms that are 200x faster. You can help by playing our online game:

Marsupial Robots
September 14, 2021

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