history of robotics

Turning the lens on robotics reporting: An interview with New York Times technology reporter John Markoff

If you are working in the field of robotics or AI, you may be used to fielding calls from journalists wanting to better understand the technology. But not all journalists are created equal. Pulitzer-P...
28 January 2016, by

From pencil and paper to hands-on making, a brief history of MIT’s legendary MechE 2.007

Alissa Mallinson | Department of Mechanical Engineering It's hard to ignore the fact that a worldwide maker movement is well underway. Over the past 10 or so years, community Maker Faires have beco...
16 December 2015, by

Father of robotics Joseph F. Engelberger dies at age 90

Robotics Industry Association | Joseph F. Engelberger, an engineer and entrepreneur who pioneered the robotics field, died peacefully at his home this morning, December 1, 2015, in Newtown, Connecticu...
01 December 2015, by

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