#RoboBusiness Day 1: Computing to change from transaction processing to cognition processing

"Cognitive computing will be to computing what transaction processing is today.” So said IBM's Robert High in his keynote talk at RoboBusiness yesterday. In less than 10 years the volume of our bu...
24 September 2015, by

IBM reinvents itself by establishing a frontier homestead for cognitive computing | Forbes

At the forefront of IBM’s reinvention journey is a $1 billion investment in Jeopardy-winning Watson, which it hopes will usher in a new era of “cognitive computing.” Earlier this month, Rometty ...
27 October 2014, by

What do Google, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and all the airlines and car companies want?

They want to communicate more accurately, resolve issues faster and with higher levels of satisfaction than at present. They also want to enable more complex communication. And they want to do it amia...
03 February 2014, by

IBM predicts sensory technology for next 5 years In what has become an annual rite, IBM predicts the progress of 5 technologies over the next 5 years. This year the 5 they have chosen are the familiar 5 senses: touch,...
19 December 2012, by

IBM’s Watson expands commercial applications and aims to go mobile

In the past couple years, we’ve watched IBM’s supercomputer Watson mature at an alarming rate. A mere concept birthed five years ago, the cybernetic prodigy is now Jeopardy! champ and doctor in tr...
14 October 2012, by

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