IROS 2012

Photos: Robots at IROS 2012

Some interesting robots at IROS 2012  ......
18 October 2012, by

DARPA Robotics Challenge update | IEEE Spectrum

Dr. Gill Pratt gave a keynote address at IROS and talked about the DARPA Robotics Challenge, including a new video of the Boston Dynamics ATLAS... See on spectrum.iee...
16 October 2012, by

[IROS 2012] With your help, the Iuro robot finds its way through cities | IEEE Spectrum

This giant bobblehead robot asks people for directions to get where it needs to go... See on
15 October 2012, by

[IROS 2012] Cooperative coral reef monitoring | IEEE Spectrum

Three different robots work together to help researchers remotely explore the ocean... See on
10 October 2012, by

[IROS 2012] Inflatable limb robot runs around on wiggly legs | IEEE Spectrum

This quadruped robot walks around on air-powered soft tentacles instead of legs... See on
09 October 2012, by

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