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Many mass transit systems shut down at night, especially in places like the US. Demand is low, and that creates a big burden for the ‘night people’ of the world, who are left with taxis and occasional carpooling, or more limited night bus service. Should transit agencies make a deal with companies like Uber to operate their carpool services?

Image credit: Tony Webster via Flickr
Image credit: Tony Webster via Flickr

Lyft announced a $500M investment from GM with $500M more, pushing them to a $5.4B valuation, which huge but also just a tenth of Uber’s. This was combined with talk of a push to robocars: GM will provide a car rental service to Lyft drivers to start, but the speculation is that whatever robocar GM gets involved in will show up at Lyft.

Listening like a Human, Playing like a Machine
January 10, 2020

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