Thymio goes wireless!

Thymio is a playful robot designed to help children discover programming, motors, light and motion sensors, and ultimately, logical and inventive thinking - right out of the box. Earlier versions...
04 June 2015, by

Kidbotics review: Thymio II

This is Kidbotics, [tweetquote]a new educational robotics review series for kids who, like me, are just coming into the robotics scene.[/tweetquote] I am 12 years old, and these reviews are meant to g...
05 December 2014, by

Thymio II toolset complete Thymio II was introduced at the 2011 EPFL Robotic Festival. Now, with the introduction of Aseba, the creative toolset associated with it is complete. Aseba allows even yo...
11 September 2012, by

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