Bristol professors to play role in creating robots for dangerous nuclear sites

The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) is part of a consortium which has received a £4.6 million grant to build a new generation of robots for use in nuclear sites. The funding from the ...
01 March 2017, by

ENRICH will test robots in real world radiological and nuclear scenarios

There is significant potential for the use of unmanned vehicles in scenarios involving radiological and nuclear (RN) threats. The European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERN...
13 February 2017, by

American robots in Japan highlight nuclear safety myth

... Japan’s nuclear power authority didn’t have any emergency robots ready to assist with damage and control. Why were they caught unprepared? ... The ‘safety myth’: From the N...
04 July 2011, by

Pics of iRobot’s PackBots inside Fukashima

... First really good video from Japan’s IDG of how robots are being used inside the Fukashima nuclear power plant and also outside for remote controlled cleanup and debris removal. ... Drone vi...
18 April 2011, by

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