Using static electricity, RoboBees cling to surfaces

By Leah Burrows, SEAS Communications In a recent article in Science, Harvard roboticists demonstrate that their flying microrobots, nicknamed the RoboBees, can now perch during flight to save energ...
24 May 2016, by

Bioinspired robotics #2: Materials, manufacturing & design, with Robert Wood

In the Disruptive Podcast series, Terrence McNally speaks directly with Wyss Institute researchers, exploring what motivates them and how they envision our future as might be impacted by their disrup...
09 November 2015, by

RoboBees take to the sky – and now the sea

By Leah Burrows | SEAS Communications Engineers have been trying to design functional aerial-aquatic vehicles for decades with little success. The biggest challenge is conflicting design requirem...
24 October 2015, by

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