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Jibo’s coordinated expression mechanisms: Behind the scenes

In this development video, hosted by Jesse Gray & Matt Berlin of Team Jibo and the MIT Media Lab, we’ll discuss how Jibo uses movement, sound, LEDs, and screen graphics to communicate with peopl...
11 March 2015, by

Developing Jibo: Animating the eye

Ever wonder why Jibo's eye was designed as a ball? And why does he have only one eye instead of two? Check out this video with Jibo’s Lead Designer & Animator, Fardad Faridi, as he briefly ...
04 February 2015, by

Designing Jibo: Subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful

[tweetquote]What is a social robot supposed to look like?[/tweetquote] We have asked ourselves this question many times during the last year. HUGE design was fortunate enough to be partnered with th...
24 October 2014, by and

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