Robot Holiday Video 2014

Holiday robot video 2014: Robot Drive-In Movies

From Penny and Harry at Robot Drive-In Movies: Seasons Greetings, We have been watching your xmas robot videos - they are great! Ours features Ozobot, a small line-sensing robot being sold as a gam...
22 December 2014, by

Holiday robot video 2014: UTARI

From the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute (UTARI): Hello Robohub! Here is our holiday video highlighting some of our robotic capabilities in a fun festive way. Enjoy the holiday f...
19 December 2014, by

Holiday robot video 2014: GraspLab @ CITEC Bielefeld

From the GraspLab at CITEC Bielefeld: Dear Robohub Team, Here's a Christmas-themed video from our institutes bimanual GraspLab with a catchy melody and nerdy robotic voice … ...
17 December 2014, by

Holiday robot video 2014: ArtiMinds Robotics

From ArtiMinds Robotics: Dear Robohub, Our robots lights the advent wreath with matchsticks!...
17 December 2014, by

Holiday robot video 2014: Autonomous Christmas Lab

Our first holiday robot video of the season is in! From the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich's Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems: Dear Robohub- and Robots Podcast-Team, We are h...
16 December 2014, by

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