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Turning robots into products, with Erin Rapacki

For up to date information about the business of robotics you can’t go past the Robots Podcast from EPFL Switzerland. Every 2 weeks, Robots will take you for a ride through the world’s research la...
17 January 2012, by

Thoughts on winning startup competitions

There is a great post at VentureBeat about Ahmed Siddiqui’s extensive experience of startup competitions; winning, not winning, and running them. How to win a tech conference startup competition...
07 January 2012, by

Lean startup methodology for robotics

The NY Times recently connected lean startup methodology with robotics in a great article by Steve Lohr, Dec 5 2011. One example was Stanford engineering graduate Lee Redden’s Blue River Technology,...
07 December 2011, by

What is ROBOT launchpad?

How many robot businesses can we make in one weekend? JUST ADD ROBOTS to a roomful of entrepreneurs in search of a WINNING STARTUP IDEA! The ROBOT launchpad connects startup and robotics communities....
17 November 2011, by

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