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Intuitive Surgical stock sinks

... After months of negative news about poorly trained surgeons, class action suits claiming poor communications with shareholders, an FDA review, an article saying that procedure costs were too high,...
10 July 2013, by

What’s happening to the big industrial robot stocks?

... Compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is back to where it started the year, the big four robot manufacturers are down 20% year to date. Yet 2011 robot sales were great (see story bel...
02 June 2012, by

Mako Surgical’s stock takes a big hit

... Stock drops from $41 to $21. Many reasons given: slow sales of RIO systems; utilization rates of existing systems are down; class action suits; and investor restlessness. ... The problem of utili...
14 May 2012, by

List of publicly-traded robotics stocks

... Robotics is becoming a big deal and people want to invest in the industry. But choosing robotics stocks is complicated. Many of the companies are international, some are small subsidiaries within ...
02 May 2012, by

20 US stocks involved in the robotics industry

... Is it time to invest? Check this list of 20 US stocks involved in the robotics industry. ... Read Q&A on the subject by CNET’s Tim Hornyak. ... List also includes stock symbols and nine ...
30 July 2011, by

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