Scott Hassan

So long, and thanks for all the bots!

So, depending on who you ask, Willow Garage is shutting down, pursuing commercial interests, or changing direction. But things are not as dire as some may think: ROS is fine (the OSRF will support it)...
12 February 2013, by

Willow Garage changes direction

For many years now Willow Garage has invested in open source and open platform robotics. Their goal has been a reflection of the vision of it's founder (and chief funder) to advance the state of robot...
12 February 2013, by

Willow Garage changing

One of the most iconic and influential robotics companies has just let staff know that Willow Garage will be making big changes in the next few months: Willow Garage has decided to enter the world of...
12 February 2013, by

Life telepresent: working vicariously through the Beam robot

Last week I took a trip to Willow Garage in the heart of Silicon Valley. It's not a hard place to find, and I was on time for my 11AM appointment. Just one problem: I was supposed to be at Suitable......
07 November 2012, by

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