Island Forum 2014: Advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence

The Singapore Ministry of Defence convened the sixth edition of the Island Forum in November 2014 to explore the emerging future of artificial intelligence and robotics, developments that could have e...
06 January 2015, by and

Food delivery drones planned for restaurant chain & airport lounge

UPDATED 29.12.2014 Planned to be deployed at Singapore's Timbre Group 12-inch Pizza & Records restaurant in late 2015, these flying robotic waiters were recently presented to Singapore's Prime Min...
29 December 2014, by

SMART begins live public robocar tests in Singapore today

Robocar R&D is moving fast in Singapore, and this week, the National University of Singapore (NUS) announced they will be doing a live public demo of their autonomous golf carts over a course wi...
23 October 2014, by

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