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Soft spot for soft robots? Register for the 2016 Soft Robotics Competition

By Adam Zewe | SEAS If you have a soft spot for robotics, this competition is right up your alley. With separate tracks for academic researchers, college students, and high school students, the...
11 January 2016, by

Two new soft robotics competitions announced by Soft Robotics Toolkit

The Soft Robotics Toolkit recently announced two competitions for robotics research and design. In July 2015, two expert panels will award prizes to soft robotics projects submitted by students, resea...
06 May 2015, by



Soft Robotics Toolkit, with Donal Holland

In this podcast, Ron Vanderkley speaks to Donal Holland of Harvard University about his team’s work on the Soft Robotics Toolkit....
17 April 2015, by

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