Samsung launch accelerator and $1.1 billion in funds

Samsung today offered hope to robot startups with the launch of its new Catalyst Fund, a $100 million commitment to the development of components, subsystems and disruptive technology. This is almost ...
05 February 2013, by

ROS on a stick

One of the exciting announcements at Automate 2013 is also one of the smallest. Gumstix, providers of Linux computers-on-modules (COMs) are offering ROS on a stick. For $45, Gumstix provide a bootable...
29 January 2013, by

Activelink Power Loader gives HAL some competition, but who’s going to Fukushima?

New Japanese exoskeleton pushing into HAL's (potential) marketshare We of the robot/technology nerd demo are well aware of the non-ironically, ironically named HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) exoskelet...
22 January 2013, by

Sharp Cocorobo robot vacuum cleaner updated – smaller model and updated app functions

Sharp have updated their Cocorobo line of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, with a new smaller model, as well as a Cocorobo Navi function, which allows the robot to be controlled when the user is out...
21 November 2012, by

Prioria Maverick, flexible wing UAS

Maverick is a small uav made by Prioria, a company founded in 2003 by business and engineering graduates from the University of Florida. It is portable, very light and has most of the features a comme...
30 May 2011, by

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