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Robot Startup Series #7: Interview with Soft Robotics’ Carl Vause

[tweetquote]Soft robotics is finally leaving the research lab and entering the real world. [/tweetquote] One of the companies leading the way is a Boston-based startup that is commercializing the inn...
18 December 2014, by

Startup Series #6: MIT Entreprise Forum VLAB

The VLAB Collaborative Robots forum on Thursday May 29 was a masterclass for robot startups. For 90 minutes at the Knight Management Center at Stanford, we heard all about the business of robotics fro...
09 July 2014, by

Startup Series #5: Rodney Brooks, Steve Cousins & Pioneers Festival

Robolution panel at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. It’s not every day you get to ask pioneering robot startup founders about their journey. The Robolution panel at the Pioneers Festival in Vien...
10 December 2013, by

Robot startup series #4: Chris Anderson at CES 2013

Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics, former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED and author of The Long Tail, Free and the newly published Makers, speaks about the new industrial revolution, how easy it is these d...
11 January 2013, by

Robot startup series #3: Elad Inbar & RobotAppStore I interviewed Elad Inbar, CEO of the RobotAppStore, just before the announcement that Grishin Robotics was investing $250,000 in this cloud robotics mark...
11 December 2012, by

Robot startup series #2: Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher was CEO of Ugobe, the company that made Pleo, the robot dinosaur, one of the first successful consumer robotics products. Greg Appelhof is the CEO of TRG, a global retail company speci...
13 November 2012, by

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Robot startup series #1: Autom and Cory Kidd

Consumer robotics had a watershed moment just a few days ago, when Autom, the robot weightloss coach, was launched at Dublin Web Summit. I’m very excited to open our Robot Startup Series with an int...
26 October 2012, by

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