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Bringing robots to retail: Interview with Fellow Robots CEO and co-founder, Marco Mascorro

Robotics today is a fast growing industry with applications in myriad markets, including retail, transportation, manufacturing, and even as personal assistants. Fellow Robots is at the forefront of re...
19 May 2016, by and

SVR Case Studies: OATV investing in early stage service robotics

OATV, or O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, is a seed stage investment firm based in San Francisco with a track record of backing robotics startups in emerging areas. As well as investing in Fetch Robotic...
05 May 2016, by and

SVR Case Studies: Hardware may be hard, but strategic investing can make it smart

by Ekta Sahasi, Vice President at Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center and Greg Lok, Business Strategy Lead at Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center After years of flying under the ventur...
15 March 2016, by

SVR Case Studies: Lessons for robotics from enterprise computing

Many advances in our technologies occur through borrowing capabilities from one field to progress another. Our technological universe is built from a web of interrelated advances that push one another...

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