Where are the robots when you need them!

Looking at the Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies production tally of handcrafted masks and faceshields, we’re trying to answer that question in our weekly discussions about ‘COVID-19, robots a...
27 April 2020, by

Bringing robots to retail: Interview with Fellow Robots CEO and co-founder, Marco Mascorro

Robotics today is a fast growing industry with applications in myriad markets, including retail, transportation, manufacturing, and even as personal assistants. Fellow Robots is at the forefront of re...
19 May 2016, by and

SVR Case Studies: Adept’s versatile mobile service platform

Interview with Michael Oitzman, Sr. Product Line Manager, Adept Mobile Robots courtesy of Tanya Anandan, for A3 Association for Advancing Automation (edited for clarity) What are the current ...
30 March 2016, by

SVR Case Studies: Fetch Robotics bringing warehouses to life

Fetch Robotics builds robot systems for the logistics industry. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Unveiled in April 2015, the Fetch Robotics system is comprised of ...
19 February 2016, by and

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