Suitable Technologies introduces Beam Remote Presence System | IEEE Spectrum

Suitable unveils their new telepresence platform... This article opens discussion on the difference between the growing number of telepresence platforms and their varied price points. See on spectru...
26 September 2012, by

Grishin’s first investment: Double Robotics

It was announced today that Grishin Robotics  was investing $250,000 into Y Combinator startup Double Robotics. Double Robotics have already sold out their first order of affordable telepresence rob...
21 September 2012, by

Double Robotics: Crossing the chasm?

Double Robotics, the Ycombinator company behind 'wheels for the ipad' is a fantastic showcase of the new breed of affordable consumer robotics. But can they cross the chasm? These guys know how to cre...
12 September 2012, by

InTouch Health & iRobot announce RP-VITA In a joint press release, US companies InTouch Health and iRobot have announced a new telepresence robot for hospitals. The robot called "RP-VITA" builds on iRobot's AVA p...
27 July 2012, by



Telepresence, with Jean-Christophe Baillie and Trevor Blackwell

Link to audio file (37:08)In today’s show we’ll have a look at the next killer application in robotics, telepresence. The idea is simple, instead of planning a bothersome phone or video co...
25 February 2011, by

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