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Vincent Mueller

This week we publish the third of the ShanghAI Lectures 2013 Edition on Robohub — we will release a new lecture from this series every Monday until the series is complete. Please use the comments section below to send us your questions, and we will do our best to respond! You can learn more about the ShanghAI lectures here.

Lecture 3 – Cognition and embodiment – Language learning in children and robots: A developmental robotics approach 

This week’s lecture discusses an important problem: how ‘symbols’ and language emerge and are ‘grounded’ from the flow of sensory-motor data. In this lecture, Angelo Cangelosi, Director of the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems at the University of Plymouth, explains the developmental approach to robotics (and psychology) and offers a remarkable example of ‘synthetic methodology’  for the study of children’s intellectual development.  Cangelosi, who’s original background is in psychology, is a leading researcher in developmental robotics.

Robotics Manipulation with MoveIt
May 31, 2020

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