Samsung acquires Viv in a quest to link all its appliances

Dag Kittlaus, founder and CEO of Siri, Inc., produced and uploaded an app into the Apple App store February 2010. The app quickly rose to 1st in the 'Lifestyle Section.' In March, Steve Jobs called Ki...
10 October 2016, by

Paradigm shift: from Siri to Viv

Artificial intelligence that programs itself on the fly - from the team that developed Siri at SRI and Apple - was demonstrated this week in New York and it quickly performed complex spoken tasks, liv...
12 May 2016, by

Is Viv the one assistant to rule all robots?

Viv is an AI personal assistant launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. It promises to radically simplify our interface with everything. Viv is everything that Siri cofounders -- Dag Kittlaus and Adam Che...
11 May 2016, by and

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