White House drone crash

Robotics-law expert Ryan Calo weighs in on drone regulations — and ‘drunk droning’ | LA Times

Thanks a lot, one person, for sending us in the wrong direction. We're now talking about locking down platforms and extra regulation just because of one guy. On Twitter, some of us had this hashtag...
05 February 2015, by

Liability concerns for drone co’s imposing technical measures to enforce no fly zones

Shortly after a Phantom crash-landed on the grounds of the White House, its maker, DJI, announced that it would release a mandatory firmware update that would restrict flights within 15.5 miles of dow...
03 February 2015, by

‘Quadcopter’ crashes onto White House grounds, poses security threat

The White House was put on high alert today as a drone was flown at low altitude onto the south-east side of the complex. A secret service spokesperson said "An investigation is under way to determine...
26 January 2015, by

Government employee flies small drone over White House Fence | NY Times

The small drone that crashed into a tree on the South Lawn of the White House early Monday morning was operated by a government employee who has told the Secret Service that he did not mean to fly it ...
26 January 2015, by

Drone crash at White House comes as FAA develops rules | USA Today

The crash of a quad-copter drone on White House grounds early Monday comes as the Federal Aviation Administration is developing long-awaited rules for commercial unmanned aircraft. Congress ordered...
26 January 2015, by

Drone that crashed at White House was a quadrocopter | TIME

A drone that crashed on the White House grounds Monday, causing a brief lockdown, was a two-foot wide remote-controlled quadcopter that is sold in stores, officials said. According to a Secret Servic...
26 January 2015, by

Secret Service: ‘Quadcopter’ drone crashed onto White House grounds | Fox News

A two-foot-long "quadcopter" drone crashed onto the White House grounds overnight, the Secret Service said Monday -- though the White House says the device posed no threat. Brian Leary, a Secret Se...
26 January 2015, by

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