Tesla drivers wake up to a serious upgrade | Bloomberg

22 September 2016

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“I’m creeping up the east side of Manhattan on one of the worst days imaginable to be driving in the city. It’s rush hour, it’s been raining, President Barack Obama is about to address the United Nations a few miles away, and police are on high alert after a bomb went off in the city a few days ago. It’s basically traffic Armageddon.

The gridlock would be enough to drive most drivers mad. But not me. I’m sipping coffee and flipping through podcasts while the car pretty much drives itself. I’m in a Tesla Model S P90D equipped with the latest overhaul of the car’s operating system, known as Tesla 8.0. The car has been on Autopilot for the last half hour, and I have to say, it’s been a good ride.”

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Kassie Perlongo Kassie is the Managing Editor at Robohub.
Kassie Perlongo Kassie is the Managing Editor at Robohub.

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