What happened in robotics in 2021?

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05 January 2022

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Here are some postcards from 2021 and wishing you all the best for 2022!

Founded and Funded in 2021

According to Crunchbase, 26 robotics startups were founded and funded in 2021. Many others were founded but not funded, or funded but not founded. :)

AION Prosthetics
Electronics, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Robotics
AION Prosthetics develops a prosthetic system designed to provide an adjustable, durable, and affordable future for amputees.

Augmented Reality, EdTech, Education, Edutainment, Leisure, Personal Development, Robotics, Subscription Service, Virtual Reality
Atorika offers edutainment that adapts to any child.

Big Data, Robotics

Autonomous Vehicles, Mechanical Engineering
ContRoL focuses on developing a range of vehicles for controlled release.

Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Machine Learning, Robotics, Software
Diwö is accelerating the transition into safe AI using autonomous UAVs and Robotics

Drone Express
Artificial Intelligence, Delivery Service, Drones
Drone Express is a full-service logistics company that uses airborne autonomous drones for local package delivery.

Eco City
Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Robotics, Service Industry, Smart Cities
Mobile App, Robotic, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, E-service

Eight Knot
Artificial Intelligence, Navigation, Robotics
Eight Knot designs and develops autonomous navigation system for water mobility using robotics & AI.

Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Cyber Security, Software
We redefine mobility with the truly digital car

General Systems
Construction, Industrial Automation, Robotics
Construction Tech, Robotics, B2B, Automated Building Masonry

Helgen Technologies
Agriculture, Consulting, Farming, Mining, Oil and Gas, Robotics, Software, Software Engineering, Waste Management
Software and hardware services for industrial robotics

Mach9 Robotics
Machine Learning, Robotics, Software
Mach9 Robotics builds integrated hardware and software to make utility infrastructure inspection more accurate at a lower cost.

Meili Technologies
Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Software
Meili provides automatic, contactless, in-vehicle medical emergency detection and interface with EMS to protect riders and make roads safer.

Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation, Intelligent Systems, Robotics, Software
Mowito provides software tools for mobile robots, to enable them to navigate intelligently in indoor facilities.

Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Hardware, Robotics, Transportation
Pizza cooked en-route to your door & delivered in as little as 5 minutes. Currently piloting in Philadelphia.

Outlift AI
Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Information Technology, Robotics
Outlift AI develops robotic process automation designed to assist and automate back-office healthcare work.

PhiGent Robotics
3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles
PhiGent Robotics offers autonomous driving solutions.

Qiangua Technology
Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles
Qiangua Technology is a Chinese autonomous driving truck company.

Serve Robotics
Food Delivery, Logistics, Robotics
Serve Robotics connects people with what they need locally via robots that are designed to serve people.

Socian Technologies
Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Machine Learning, Software
We create safer societies using AI-enhanced UAV technologies.

Tergeo Technologies
Industrial Automation, Machinery Manufacturing, Robotics, Waste Management
Tergeo Technologies is a developer of robotic solutions to sanitation challenges.

Urban Machine
Building Material, Robotics
Salvaging the past to build the future- Stealth Startup

E-Learning, Education, Robotics
Wiingy is a unique combination of multiple learning and skill development methods including 1:1 live classes, DIY robotics kits.

Xbotod Technologies Ltd
Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Robotics
Shaping the next generation of technology and cities with Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things (AIoT)

Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Robotics
Zbeetle is a robotics innovation company engaged in producing cleaning robots.

Machinery Manufacturing, Robotics
Ziknes develops printing technology on industrial manufacturing of metals.


Robot density nearly doubled globally

The use of industrial robots in factories around the world is accelerating at a high rate: 126 robots per 10,000 employees is the new average of global robot density in the manufacturing industries – nearly double the number five years ago (2015: 66 units). This is according to the 2021 World Robot Report. By regions, […] (Click here to read more)

2022 robotics predictions from industry experts

Leading robotics experts such as Juan Aparicio and Ken Goldberg, share what they’ll be keeping an eye on in 2022.

The post 2022 robotics predictions from industry experts appeared first on The Robot Report.

Investors warn Deep Tech founders about these 12 pitfalls

Firstly, what is Deep Tech as opposed to Tech or technology enabled? Sometimes Deep Tech is regarded as a science based startup, sometimes it is regarded as disruptive to the status quo, sometimes it is regarded just as slow and hard, capital intensive, with a long ROI horizon. Or as something that investors aren’t ready […] (Click here to read more)

Mind-controlled robots now one step closer

Researchers teamed up to develop a machine-learning program that can be connected to a human brain and used to command a robot. The program adjusts the robot’s movements based on electrical signals from the brain. The hope is that with this invention, tetraplegic patients will be able to carry out more day-to-day activities on their own. (Click here to read more)

Top 10 robotics stories of December

China’s new five-year plan for robotics and Toronto banning sidewalk robots topped our coverage in December 2021.

The post Top 10 robotics stories of December appeared first on The Robot Report.

Creating the human-robotic dream team

Using autonomous vehicle guidelines, a team has developed a system to improve interactions between people and robots. The way people interact safely with robots is at the forefront of today’s research related to automation and manufacturing, explains a researcher. She is one of several researchers who are working to develop systems that allow humans and robots to interact safely and efficiently. (Click here to read more)

How AI and robotics are reconstructing a 2,000-year-old fresco in Pompeii

Computer scientists and archeologists are working together to solve this ancient puzzle. (Click here to read more)

Bonus material!

Children as Social Robot Designers – IEEE Spectrum

What happens when you let kids design their own social robot from scratch. (Click here to read more)

Holiday robot videos 2021 (updated)

Happy holidays everyone! Here are some more robot videos to get you into the holiday spirit. Have a last minute holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to […] (Click here to read more)

Silicon Valley Robotics is an industry association supporting innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies.
Silicon Valley Robotics is an industry association supporting innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies.

Andra Keay is the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics, founder of Women in Robotics and is a mentor, investor and advisor to startups, accelerators and think tanks, with a strong interest in commercializing socially positive robotics and AI.
Andra Keay is the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics, founder of Women in Robotics and is a mentor, investor and advisor to startups, accelerators and think tanks, with a strong interest in commercializing socially positive robotics and AI.

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