Christina Brester

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I am a researcher and senior lecturer teaching Mathematical Analysis at the Siberian State Aerospace University (SibSAU). I completed my PhD thesis at the SibSAU under the supervision of Prof. Eugene Semenkin and received my PhD degree in 2016 from the Siberian Federal University and the Institute of Computational Modeling of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. The topic of my dissertation is “Cooperative Evolutionary Method for Multi-Objective Optimization in Speech Analysis”. My scientific interests include Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Neural Network Modeling, Evolutionary Algorithms, and Multi-Objective Optimization. I take part in Russian and international scientific projects (German-Russian, Finnish-Russian) as a member of a research group. Also I was funded as a leader of some projects. In addition to academia, I have experience in the software industry – I worked in the IT-company as a System Analyst. I like investigating different cultures and languages – both natural and programming. I tend to be global and have a strong wish to be a valuable member of an international startup.

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