Claude Baumann

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Claude Baumann has taught advanced LEGO Mindstorms robotics in after-school classes for 15 years. He participated in beta testing of the ROBOLAB software developed at the Center for Engineering and Outreach at Tufts University ( He created ULTIMATE ROBOLAB, a cross-compiler environment that allowed graphical programming of RCX firmware, and with it conceived the world’s unique self-replicating program for the LEGO RCX (some call it a virus). Claude served as a co-developer for the LabVIEW NXT Module ( More recently, he has participated as a Mindstorms Community Partner (MCP) during the development of EV3, the new LEGO programmable brick. He has been the assessor of various high school robot projects; he authored a related book, several articles and conference presentations. His special interest is robotic sound localization. He’s married with three children and three grand-children. Professionally he is the head of a network of high-school boarding institutions in Luxembourg (EU).

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