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Helmut Hauser

guest author

Helmut Hauser is a Lecturer in Robotics at the University of Bristol and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. His research is focused on morphological computation and embodiment, especially in the context of soft robotics. He is interested in understanding the underlaying principles of how complex physical bodies of biological systems are used to facilitate learning and controlling tasks, and how these principles can be employed to design better robots. Before joining the University of Bristol, he was a postdoc at Rolf Pfeifer's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich, where he was the project manager of the EU project LOCOMORPH and where he participated in a number of other projects like OCTOPUS, SMART-E and NCCR Robotics. He is also involved in the Coordination Action RoboSoft (, which has received funding to form a community around the emerging and exciting field of soft robotics. Besides robots, Helmut is also passionated about productivity. On his blog "Work Smart and be Remarkable - Productive Academia" ( he writes about how to use technology to be more creative and to get things done with less stress.

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