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Nicola Bezzo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia. Prior to joining UVa, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the PRECISE Center, in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) where he worked on topics related to robotics and cyber-physical systems security. He received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of New Mexico where he focused on the development of theories for motion planning of aerial and ground robotic systems under communication constraints. Prior to his Ph.D. he received both M.S. and B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering with honors (summa cum laude) from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. At UVa is establishing a state-of-the-art robotics and CPS laboratory and is also a member of the Link Lab (a UVa CPS collaborative initiative). His research interests include: attack resilient control of autonomous vehicles and CPS, motion planning of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles under uncertainties, heterogeneous multi-agent systems, and co-design and rapid prototyping of robotic systems.

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