Víctor Mayoral Vilches

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Víctor is one of the founders of Erle Robotics and an ex-researcher in the field of robotics. He simultaneously obtained two engineering degrees - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - and was granted to visit several research centers and Universities around the world (Norway, South Korea, Italy, Spain, …) where he developed multidisciplinary skills, from PCB design to the development of sub-symbolic artificial intelligence algorithms. He is an active open source developer and has contributed to several frameworks for embedded devices. He started a PhD in robotics at the center for Micro-Biorobotics of the Italian Institute of Technology and worked as a research intern at the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF), pushing the second generation of the Robot Operating System (ROS). Nowadays Víctor acts as CTO of Erle Robotics where he manages the scientific and technological development of the company. Find him on

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