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Wanda is an Amsterdam based photographer with a passion for classical photography. All photographs are taken with Eduard; a 19th Century camera using the Calotype technique introduced in 1841 by William Henry Fox Talbot. The very slow exposures require total concentration of both the sitter and the photographer there is no making a face for the camera (Roland Barths. Camera Lucida) It’s fascinating to work in this old fashioned way. Those being portrayed need to sit still for seconds. This brings peace, quiet, and a meditative introspective frame of mind. Holding completely still for 6 seconds is alien to our normal concept of the decisive moment of the photographic exposure. A strong bond is necessary between sitter and operator during the exposure for this to work. I became very inspired by this unique way of making images. The dedication and engagement required to produce one paper negative that can be reproduced countless times. Unlike Jack Mande De Garres Daguerreotype which could not be reproduced, causing its final demise. The Calotype process continued to be used and was born again with the introduction of the glass negative plate. This ancient eye observed and recorded an industrial revolution, the birth of modern science, and became the way we as a society understand ourselves and the modern world around us. Joe Sterling Ba Hons. MFA Photography. Over the last years I have made portraits of robots to mark and document this important period in scientific development. A technical revolution is taking place (before our eyes) that will change life, work and relationships between men and machines. Those in the know call it the fourth industrial revolution and say that the scale and complexity of the change that is taking place at the moment has never happened before in human history. As a photographer I am inspired to document and visualise this momentum with an extensive series of images that define and describe, using the very narrative introduced by Fox Talbot himself an early Scientist confronting a new technical and Scientific revolution in its own time. For this work I intent to use an ancient wooden camera from the 1880s. Continuing objective proses of scientific recording in the mode set up by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1841.

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