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Boston is actually living up to the hype this year!

June 11, 2013

The definitive list of private funding in robotics–or at least the most widely cited is the Hizook VC Funding for Robotics list.  The list for 2012 is out.   Please help make it complete by adding a comment if you know of private funding for a robotics company that is not included.  I am certain that there are deals that are not included.

The first pass seems to indicate that Boston is actually living up to the hype this year as it tops the list in number of deals and amount of funding and brings home the three largest deals.  Silicon Valley trounced the rest of the country on last year’s list with a similar performance to Boston’s this year.

Stay tuned for more analysis of the list once there is time for collective knowledge of the internet to complete the missing deals.


Robert Morris
guest author
Robert Morris is founder and CEO of the aerial imaging start-up TerrAvion. He is also the author of the blog

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