Desktop PC-sized fully automatic genetic testing device

02 February 2013

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The GeneLEAD from Precision System Science (PSS) is a fully automatic genetic testing device that completely automates the genetic testing process that ordinarily would require manual intervention. This device, which handles the complete process up to genetic amplification, has a small form factor at 34 cm tall, 41 cm long, and 19 cm wide, and is envisioned for use in various medical and research facilities.

“As long as there is even a small space, the device can be used in any type of hospital. It is just about the same size as a computer, so one of its features is being easily usable in any location. The technology to miniaturize the device is complicated, but I believe we were able to achieve this size by keeping it as simple as possible. As for ease of use, it has been designed based on the concept of being usable wherever it is located, so it is an easy to use machine.”

At this time, genetic testing is typically only conducted at large research facilities, but PSS aims to create an environment where genetic testing devices can be used at more medium-sized hospitals, emergency testing hospitals, and even small clinics.

“Under the concepts of companion diagnostics and personalized medicine that have recently become popular topics in the US as well as Japan, the idea is to use medicine suited to the patient and conduct genetic testing for that purpose. As these types of devices become widespread, even the town doctor will be able to conduct these tests. We aim to create a world in which tests can be done right there so that patients can safely take their medicine. “

PSS, which is searching for a way to roll out the GeneLEAD globally including through OEM sales, is along with this also considering marketing test reagents it has developed. PSS aims to release the GeneLEAD between the end of this year and the beginning of next year at a price as affordable as possible.


DigInfo TV is a Tokyo-based online video news platform dedicated to producing original coverage of cutting edge technology, research and products from Japan.
DigInfo TV is a Tokyo-based online video news platform dedicated to producing original coverage of cutting edge technology, research and products from Japan.

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